This page is where you will find any links we have on our website.

If you are interested in Alex MacDougal`s great ebook The Caledonian Bears and The Bottlenose Dolphins which is about the adventures of a small group of bears who make a journey of discovery in their quest to see the Dolphins in the Beauly Firth.

If you are looking for accomodation in or around lochaber we recomend the following.

About an hours drive from as but in a beuatiful central location with many facilitys is Crubenbeg House which is owned by John and Irene, a really nice couple who love our bears.

Just across the canal from us is The Moorings Hotel one of the best in fort william, also there is Canalside Apartments which is luxury self catering.

If you are looking for anything scottish a great website to search is

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